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Resources for Dissemination and Implementation

Readiness for dissemination (RFD) was rated and required for a program to be eligible for an NREPP review. These resources were rated based on their quality and assigned a “Readiness for Dissemination” score.

NREPP no longer requires programs and practices to have developed implementation materials, training and support resources, and quality assurance procedures. However, programs and practices with resources for dissemination and implementation will be prioritized for review if the programs fall within the priorities established by the SAMHSA review process and these resources will be catalogued and reported in the program profile.

During the new open submission and re-review processes, applicants will be asked to submit RFDI information through the completion of an RFDI checklist. This information should include a brief narrative description of the materials that are being submitted. These materials may include, but are not limited to, treatment manuals, information for administrators, training for direct service staff, tested training curricula, training videos, brochures, presentations, mechanisms for ongoing supervision and consultation, protocols for gathering process and outcome data, ongoing monitoring of intervention fidelity, and processes for gathering feedback. Applicants should also provide the location (such as website url or address) where the materials can be obtained, as well as any costs, and whether the information is required or optional for implementation.

To help the public understand the types of training, education, and implementation supports that are available for implementing a program listed on NREPP, information on RFDI supplied by programs will be described and listed in an inventory in the program profile. The program profile summarizes the types of resources available to support the implementation and dissemination of the intervention.