The people who comprise DSG’s international development practice area are recognized worldwide for their ability to apply the best of science to address the global community’s greatest challenges—be they conflict and crisis, democracy and governance, security, agriculture and food security, economic growth, education, environment, or global health.

The experience of our international development staff, led by Vice President for International Development Adam Blackwell, includes working with bilateral and multilateral donor agencies, government officials, nongovernmental organizations, and community-based organizations to realize positive change, particularly for at-risk populations.

DSG’s international practice has two main areas of concentration. One, we work to understand how different national and local contexts shape the interactions between criminal actors inside and outside of the US. We have engaged in this work to limit the impacts of terrorism, sex trafficking, and drug trafficking.

The second area of concentration for our international practice area is in assisting with the integration of individuals once they immigrate to the United States, while preserving their cultural traditions and commitments. In our translation efforts, we have taken the best science about health and well-being, and translated it to diverse formats and languages


Research and Evaluation

DSG engages in original quantitative and data analytics research to shed light on broad patterns within international illicit trade and markets. We also conduct systematic research reviews and meta-analyses, as well as secondary data analysis on key topics.

DSG is an established leader in database management and using large datasets to assess and chronicle international risks. For the U.S. State Department, we designed, developed, and manage a key database on international terrorism incidents.

Training and Technical Assistance

Our primary area for training and technical assistance in our international practice area has been through strategic partnerships. Our knowledge has been applied to addressing drug trafficking within central America and for assisting with decreasing the strength of international criminal actors, like the gang MS-13.


DSG applies objectivity, rigorous analysis, and the best of science in our work with international agencies and organizations to improve performance and service delivery by getting everyone working toward the same goals.


DSG provides first-rate editorial, design, and information technology expertise to translate and disseminate health education content to non-English speakers organizations effectively.


DSG plans and produces trade shows, exhibits, conferences, and other thought-leadership events for groups of all sizes, adhering to best practices and ethics of the meeting management profession.


Money alone does not buy good health. Good policies that promote equity have a better chance.

Margaret Chan