Advancing the mission of behavioral health.


Mental and substance use disorders afflict individuals, families, and communities alike. Despite advancements in care and treatment, the U.S. healthcare system is struggling to meet demand. Too often, people with mental and substance use disorders don’t get the care they need. Many end up homeless or incarcerated. And millions die prematurely, as is evident with the current opioid epidemic.

DSG’s Behavioral Health Practice is devoted to improving knowledge, policy, practice, and access to treatment. Our research scientists and consultants have broad experience in

  • Rigorous research and evaluation of programs and policies
  • Assessment of the scientific evidence base
  • Training and technical assistance to increase program effectiveness
  • Consultation with local, state, and national agencies to improve service delivery

DSG works with healthcare organizations and local, state, regional, and federal agencies to address critical behavioral health issues, including

Prevention of mental and substance use disorders
Suicide prevention
Recovery-oriented care and support
Access to behavioral health treatments and services
Prescription drug misuse and abuse
Opioid misuse and overdose
Trauma and violence
Primary care integration with behavioral health services
Research and Evaluation

DSG performs scientific reviews and conducts methodological research to develop effectiveness measures, datasets, and assessments. Our work has focused on at-risk populations, social determinants of behavioral health, and addressing behavioral health disparities. In all of these efforts, we apply our expertise in evidence assessment.

National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices
Multisite Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Risk Behavior Change Interventions Among Injection-Drug and Crack Users
Strategic Framework, Logic Models, and Performance Measures for the Office of Minority Health
Violence Prevention Leadership Support Program

DSG is an established innovator in developing research-to-practice activities in behavioral health. We have been a leader in dissemination of research-based findings through multiple avenues, facilitated advances in implementation science, and worked to identify and assess effective evidence-based programs.

Training and Technical Assistance

DSG staff and consultants provide technical assistance and training to federal agencies, states, cities, federal program grantees, and community-based organizations in program management, resource development, and Web development. For behavioral health, these training and curricular materials have related to substance use, recovery, prevention, minority health access, and professional development.

Minority Fellowship Program Coordinating Center
Recovery to Practice Initiative
DATA (Buprenorphine) Waiver Processing and Support
Administration on Children, Youth and Families Protective Factors Framework
Management Consulting

DSG provides rigorous analysis, quality assurance, and dissemination vehicles for supporting and advancing the missions of behavioral health organizations and agencies.

Macroeconomic Factors and Individual Violence
Office of Minority Health Uniform Data Set
Workplace Managed Care Initiative
Methodology for Evaluating National Library of Medicine’s ACCESS Project
Communications and Technology

DSG provides print and Web-based products to deliver and disseminate behavioral health information and resources to stakeholders, including behavioral health professionals, health professionals, community organizations, and the public.

Minority Fellowship Program
Making Your Workplace Drug-Free: A Kit for Employers
DATA (Buprenorphine) Waiver Processing and Support
Conference Management and Event Planning

DSG plans and convenes webinars, conferences, meetings, and expert panels to support behavioral health programs. In this work, DSG produces promotional, registration, and support materials, programs, speeches, handouts, session summaries, and full proceedings.

Minority Fellowship Program
Center for Substance Abuse Prevention Violence Prevention Leadership Support Program

National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices

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